Go With Your Flow

Did you know that every day young women struggle to hide their period at schools because they cannot afford basic menstrual products? With over 65% of students on free or reduced lunch, menstrual products are an expense many young women cannot afford. For some, buying tampons or pads comes with the price of not buying food. The result is many young women miss school during their periods or they use unsanitary options to try to catch menstrual flow. Shockingly, these necessary health items – feminine hygiene products are not covered by SNAP (food stamps).

How can such a problem exist in such huge numbers? Some still believe this is a “female problem”.  THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM – THIS IS A PERIOD –Period.

Going with the Flow is trying to change the conversation.  Just as the moon orbits the Earth in 27 days, all women of reproductive age have a cycle that, if fertilization does not result, they have a period.  Despite these medical facts, many are still not comfortable talking about this.

Our purpose is to bring awareness to this basic health need for women AND to ensure these young women have access to these necessary health products.

On average, it takes only $48 to buy tampons for one woman FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

With your help we can let these women know we care and remind them that the FLOW they experience is not something to be ashamed of but part of something that makes them strong powerful women.

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